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Are you worried about a tiny crack in your car’s windshield?

​If the windshield has major fractures, does the entire thing need to be replaced?

Has one of your car windows been schattered?

These are common occurances, and we have everything needed to fix the problem and get you back on the road. 

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Auto Glass Pros of Placentia provides same-day windshield repair, windshield replacement, car door glass repair, rear window glass replacement, and ADAS recalibration in Placentia CA and surrounding cities.

You can trust us to handle the work whether you have a little glass chip or require a full windshield replacement along with a recalibration.

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With something as crucial as the quality of your vehicle’s auto glass, you cannot take any chances. You can trust us to quickly and completely repair any type of auto glass damage so that it looks as good as new.   All of our professional technicians have received the necessary training to guarantee customer satisfaction, and we use high-quality tools and supplies to deliver outstanding results.

​​When you make an appointment with our staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is in capable, dependable hands.

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Auto Glass Services

cracked windshield

Windshield Replacement

We are prompt and cost-effective when replacing windshield glass. Our profesional technicians have experience with a wide range of vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, SUVs, commercial trucks, and more.

Windshield crack

Windshield Repair

​​​​​​Our professional technicians can efficiently fix small chips on the spot, up to the size of a quarter. If repairs can be made without replacing the entire glass, this will save money.​

Broken car door glass

Door Glass Replacement

When replacing the auto door glass, our staff locates the appropriate size glass. We swiftly replace car glass windows on the driver or passenger side so you may resume driving.

Broken rear glass window

Rear Window Glass Replacement

​​​For any sort of vehicle’s rear window glass replacement, contact us. To provide you with the greatest customer service, we make the rear window glass replacement quick and easy.​​

Windshield Calibration

​​​Your windshield has to be recalibrated for safety. By this procedure, the vehicle’s camera functionality is adjusted to meet manufacturer specifications so that once the windshield is changed, your lane departure alerts, adaptive braking, and other safety features continue to work as intended.

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Your sudden need for auto glass repair can be a major annoyance. This kind of problem can have appeared out of nowhere. Many of our clients experience windshield damage as a result of a rock or other debris slamming into the glass of their vehicle while they are rushing to or from work or taking care of other obligations. Or they approach their parked car and have the unfortunate experience of finding glass damage.

Our professionals will visit you if you need mobile window repair. Many times, we are able to complete the work on the same day, allowing you to return to your daily activities in a car with no broken glass.

You do not have to spend hours out of your day to receive the glass repair service you require since we come to you. You can carry on with your tasks as our professionals work on your vehicle, whether we visit you at home, at work, or at a different location you’ve designated.

3 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Auto Glass Installation

What happens if the auto glass is damaged or cracks is a concern shared by all car owners. If it can be replaced, how long will it take the experts to finish the job? As a result, here are three frequently asked questions and their respective answers about auto glass installation and other topics related to windshields.

1. Should a cracked windshield be repaired or replaced?
The size, scope, and seriousness of the damage will primarily determine this decision.

a. Damaged area: The cracks will spread much more quickly if they started at the edge of the vehicle glass. If caught in time, you can fix it; if not, replacing is always preferable. Once more, if the crack is in the driver’s line of sight, most customers choose to replace it rather than repair it because doing so would result in slight distortions.

b. Size and Severity: Reputable professionals can easily fix damage that is the size of a quarter or that has cracks that are three inches long. Even some windshield replacement and repair businesses can use sophisticated methods to repair a 12-inch fracture in your car’s auto glass. Anything more, though, necessitates a replacement.

2. How long does it take to install or repair auto glass?

To give you a rough estimate, depending on the damage, experts frequently finish mending work in just 30 minutes. Installations typically take an hour or less. One more hour is needed for the urethane. So, it’s safe to return to your automobile after two hours. Back windows or doors, on the other hand, are typically bolted shut and don’t need an extra hour to cure.

3. How should you pick the ideal business?

This is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing to have a windshield installed or repaired. Here are some of the main guidelines for choosing the best and most reputable business to install the auto glass in your automobile.

a. All of the company’s technicians ought to be properly trained, skilled, and certified.
b. The business should have a significant amount of experience in this field.
c. You should be able to afford the restoration company’s package deals. Reputable businesses typically charge what is fair for the quality of their services.
d. Find out if they are employing all cutting-edge equipment and methods.
e. Verify that all of the products they are employing adhere to the FMVSS standard.
f. They need to have sufficient insurance.
g. The experts you select should be willing to interact with you and go over your needs.
h. A reputable business will always describe to you how they plan to do the assignment.
i. Last but not least, be sure the experts offer auto glass tinting in addition to their installation and repair services.

Contact Auto Glass Pros of Placentia to get you safely back on the road.

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